Witch Of The Swamp


  • Number of Players: 1
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Days to complete: 2
  • Player Level: 26+
  • Cost to buy: 100 Map Frags
  • Max XP: 5,663
Name / Creator Units Needed Units Lost Experience Gained Link to Guide
Killste’s Guide Choices of Killste’s Guides
Genesis 250 Cannon Short Guide 230R 129B 61S 1E 245C 28K 230R 129B 3,432 (~9.5 per loss) Veteran Cannon Short Guide – Elites and Cannons required
Genesis 250 Cannon Guide 288R 129B 131E 245C 170K 288R 129B 5,663 (~13.5 per loss) Veteran Cannon Guide – Blocking, Elites and Cannons required
Genesis 250 Guide 266R 132B 175S 244C 40XB 266R 132B 10S 5,663 (~13.8 per loss) Veteran Guide – Blocking and XB required
Genesis Guide 299R 132B 88S 200C 56XB 299R 132B 66S 5,663 (~11.3 per loss) Normal Guide – Blocking and XB required
XB & ES 250 Guide
339R 25M 172ES 132B 22XB 245C 306-339R 4-25M 132B 5,663 Bigrussiaalex XB&ES WOTS Guide
Voidheartd’s Guide 510-591R 155S 90B 65LB 200C 537-591R 90B 60C 5,663 (~8 per loss) Normal Guide
Voidheartd’s Guide
with Crossbows
565R 7M 155S 200XB 200C 521-565R 0-7M 75C 5,663 (~9 per loss) Crossbow Version
Voidheartd’s Guide
with 250 General
376R 155S 132B 34LB 250C 317-376R 4-17S 132B 5,663 (~11 per loss) 250 General Version
Voidheartd’s Guide
with XB + 250 General
380R 25M 155S 132B 40XB 250C 321-380R 4-25M 132B 5,663 (~11 per loss) XB + 250 Version
Starfire 563R 182S 260C 40LB 524-553R 5-32S 70C 5,663 CEO Forum Page
Farhan 550R 200C 50LB 50M 150S 542R 70C 30M 5,663 CEO Forum Page
ShuttlePilot 450R 200C 50S 55M 100LB 446R 145C 51M 5,663 CEO Forum Page

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