The Nords


  • Number of Players: 2
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Days to complete: 8
  • Player Level: 36+
  • Cost to buy: 795 Gems
  • Max XP: 27,530
Name / Creator Units Needed Units Lost Experience Gained Source
Killste’s Guide  -26R 150M 124S 160E 120C 248XB 243R 432M 1S
26R150M 3S 1C


Genesis 250 Guide 113R 111M 122S  2E 125C 250XB 113R 111M 27,530 (~122.9 per loss) Veteran Guide – Blocking, XB and ES required
Genesis Guide 189R 171M 1S 418B 125C 200XB 189R 171M 418B 27,530 (~35.3 per loss) Regular Guide – XB required
Uki2012 250 Gen New Path 200R 125M 150C 250XB
/additional 120 soldiers for block(optional)
120R 107M
/98R 107M(Block)
27,530 Nords
Bigrussiaalex 250 180R 97M 100C 170E 246XB 25B 180R 97M 25B 27,530 Bigrussiaalex ES & XB 250(NEW PATH)
Mimori 477R 120C 191S 50M 90LB 248A 471R 48M 27,530 Mimori’s Adventure Guide
WARNING: Guides under this line were created before the generals re-pathing and may not work properly by now
Smitey’s Mad Man Run (250 General) 400B 80R 90M 38E 400B 79R 67M 36E 27,530 Smitey Nords Mad Man Run
Voidheartd’s Guide
with Crossbow + 250 General
121R 112M 1S 200C 63B 250XB 82-121R 87-112M 51-62B 27,530
(~107 per loss)
VH XB 250 Guide
Voidheartd’s Guide
with Crossbow + Elite Soldier + 250 General
116R 108M 1ES 200C 63B 250XB 86-116R 86-108M 51-62B 27,530
(~108 per loss)
VH XB ES 250 Guide
Voidheartd’s 250 General Guide 161R 199M 1S 200C 223B 215LB 127-161R 173-199M 225-223B 27,530
(~49 per loss)
VH 250 Guide
DeToX and Smitey Fast Run 250 General 130R 200M 400C 400A 5E (For Fast Run) 129R 197M 27,530 Nords – DeToX and Smitey Fast 250 Gen Guide
DeToX and Smitey 150R 400B 200M 200C 200A 2E 122R 173M 400B 27,530 Nords – DeToX and Smitey Guide
Voidheartd’s Crossbow Guide 100R 175M 1S 200C 370B 200X 63-97R 133-170M 329-366B 27,530
(~47 per loss)
VH XB Guide
Farhan’s Guide 650R 350M 200C 150LB 650R 350M 27,530 CEO Forums Post
Shandrogar Guide (GER) 250R 200B 430M 200C 170LB 244R 200B 426M 27,530 Image Map – German!
HerzogSaar (GER) 600R 450M 200C 165LB 600R 340-401M 27,530 Image Map – German!
Donarschlag (GER) 400R 250M 200C 161LB 200A 271R 204M 161LB 27,530 Image Map – German!

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  1. sepelrastas says:

    The Genesis Guides at least to me show that the domain has expired :/

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