• Number of Players: 1
  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Days to complete: 4
  • Player Level: 26+
  • Cost to buy: 200 Map Fragments
  • Max XP: 14,020
Name / Creator Units Needed Units Lost Experience Gained Link to Guide
Killste’s Guide   624R 52M Choices of Killste’s Guides – Vet & Xbows
Genesis 250 Cannon Guide 629R 96B 35M 172S 1E 288C 249XB 94K 629R 96B 35M 14,020 (~19.5 per loss) Veteran Cannon Guide – Blocking, XB, ES and Cannons required
Genesis 250 Guide 528R 96B 101M 172S 1E 288C 249XB 510R 96B 101M 14,020 (~19.8 per loss) Veteran Guide – Blocking, XB and ES required
Genesis Guide 583R 96B 35M 172S 288C 196XB 583R 96B 96S 14,020 (~18 per loss) Normal Guide – Blocking and XB required
Mimori LB Guide 1579R 243C 100B 5M 170S 200LB 1576R 100B 5M 14,020 Mimori’s Adventure Guide
Mimori XB Guide 1407R 243C 65M 170S 200A 1404R 63M 14,020 Mimori’s Adventure Guide
WARNING: Guides under this line were created before the generals re-pathing and may not work properly by now
Voidheartd’s Guide 1488R 139S 185C 425B 196XB 1245-1500R 425B 14,020 (~7.8 per loss) Normal Guide
Voidheartd’s Guide
with Crossbows
1488R 139S 185C 346B 196XB 1191-1488R 346B 14,020 (~8.3 per loss) XB Version
Voidheartd’s Guide
with 250 General
1370R 176S 243C 246LB 1238-1525R 14,020 (~10.1 per loss) 250 Version
Voidheartd’s Guide
with Crossbows + 250 General
1370R 176S 243C 60B 248XB 1091-1370R 60B 14,020 (~10.8 per loss) XB + 250 Version
Voidheartd’s Guide
with XB + Elite Soldiers + 250 General
1359R 176ES 244C 60B 248XB 1086-1357R 60B 14,020 (~10.9 per loss) XB + ES + 250 Version
Zugzug 1245R 56M 240S 243C 248XB 1042–1245R 32–56M 14,020 Zugzug’s Outlaws Guide
Starfire 1,540R 208S 189C 150LB 1532-1530R 59-108S 0-2 C 14,020 CEO Forum Page
Farhan 1,500R 300M 200C 125S 100LB 1701 total 9620 CEO Forum Page
Gherik 1804R 6S 2LB 25C 1804R 6S 25C 9620 CEO Forum Page
SidV 1800R 250B 185C 90S 180LB 1750R 250B 14020 SettlersOnline Forum Page

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