Bandit Nest


  • Number of Players: 1
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Days to complete: 2
  • Player Level: 36+
  • Cost to buy: 200 Map Frags
  • Max XP: 9,880


Name / Creator Units Needed Units Lost Experience Gained Link to Guide
Killste’s Guide Choices of Killste’s Guides
Genesis 250 Cannon Guide 414R 85M 172E 392C 99XB 143K 414R 85M 106C 9,880 (~16.5 per loss) Veteran Cannon Guide – Blocking, XB, ES and Cannons required
Genesis 250 Guide 301R 147M 172S 182E 380C 99XB 301R 147M 100C 9,880 (~18 per loss) Veteran Guide – Blocking, XB and ES required
Sanii 240-360R 85-149M 158S 175E 371C 1B 1LB 98XB 0-55K 186-306R 85M-147M 100C 9,880 (~20-22 per loss) Sanii’s Bandit Nest Veteran XBow OR Cannon Guide – Blocking and ES required
WARNING: Guides under this line were created before the generals re-pathing and may not work properly by now
DeToX 1100R 100S 200C 100M 100A 150K 1084R 73S 110C 75M 9,880 DeToX Bandits Nest Guide – Need Cannons and 250 gen!
Schobbob 341R 156M 377C 161S 103A 301R 156M 100C 9,880 Schobbob – English blocking guide





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